How to practice mom self-care

How to Practice Mom Self-Care

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As moms it is important we take care of ourselves. So learning how to practice mom self-care is so important. 

In fact, I’m going to ask you to stop and put your own oxygen mask on first.

How to practice mom self-care
How to practice mom self-care

I’ve recently learned: We can’t give what we do not have.  According to NCBI website, in a study on “mom burnout,” many moms felt exhausted when they were in charge of everything in the house and did not ask for help. Therefore, it is essential that as mamas we practice phenomenal self-care so we can feel whole and nurtured, and in turn, we can nurture others including our children and our families.

What is Mom Self-Care

Being a mom is one of the most rewarding jobs. Yet as mom’s we often put ourselves last when it comes to family priorities. We want to be great moms and many think that by putting everyone else first we are accomplishing this. Yet as mentioned above we cannot give what we don’t have. So it is vital as moms that we practice gentle care and put ourselves first, at least some of the time.

And “Mom self-care” is just that. Taking time out of every day to plan and care for our own needs so when we need to give our all to our families we feel revitalized and replenished which makes us able to better care for others. 


Why is Self-Care Important for Moms?

As moms, we often experience overwhelmed. As we try to juggle our busy schedules life gets in the way and self-care often gets placed on hold.

Yet self-care is extremely important for moms because when moms can find balance and prioritize themselves, they can be the best mom version of themselves. 

If mom is always running on empty there will be less room in the house for joy and fulfillment.

And we can go back to the old saying, “If Mama isn’t happy, no one is Happy. ” – So true!

Think of the last time you felt overwhelmed, resentful, and angry about having to do a million things for other people.

My guess is you were not feeling true joy and fulfillment in this moment.

Now I want you to close your eyes and think about the last time you did something you love. Perhaps you went to a spa, got a massage, or took a walk by yourself. How did this make you feel?

The latter I’m guessing brought you more joy and fulfillment. That joy and fulfillment will spill over into your care for others. Likewise, anger and resentment will also spill over.

Your family and children will notice the difference. Think about which mommy they would rather have around. 

Of course, your kids and family would prefer the happy joyful mother over the overwhelmed and resentful mother.

Now just because you take the time for self-care doesn’t mean you won’t have those moments of overwhelm and frustration. You will just find fewer of these moments in your life.


How do Moms Take Self-Care for Themselves?


 Here are four ways that you can practice mom self-care on a daily basis to help bring yourself joy and fulfillment as a mom.

#1 Get your body moving 


Take a walk today hopefully by yourself. Pay attention to and notice the things around you. Do you see a new type of bird or notice a different kind of flower? If it is cold outside and snowing where you live find the joy in the sparkling white snow.

#2 Eat well


Before you go grocery shopping research and write down a list of easy healthy foods that you can keep on hand. Make sure to eat mostly healthy foods to nourish and fuel your body. This alone will help you feel nourished and well every day. Taking care of your body will also help take care of your mind.

#3 Hydrate


It is important to stay hydrated. Most Americans often reach for food or sweets not realizing these cravings are because they are dehydrated. Make sure to drink enough water every day.

Keep track in your planner or a self-care journal of how many glasses of water you drink. If you keep a to-do list write down “drink a glass of water” every couple of hours. You will be amazed at how good you feel when your body is well hydrated.

#4 Make a Connection


Find time regularly to talk with friends and family that are supportive and kind.

Try not to only use these social connections for venting because your brain will recall the feelings of anger and resentment and hold on to them. Yes, sometimes we all need to vent and that is okay. Yet, use your social connection time to chat about things you love or things you are grateful for.

Make sure you surround yourself with positive, like-minded people. Join a mom’s group to stay connected. Oftentimes mom’s groups will offer you valuable friendships with people that are on the same journey as you.

Humans are social beings. That is why the social aspect of self-care is so important.


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#5 Get enough rest 


If you want to practice good self-care one easy thing you can do for yourself is to get enough sleep. If you are tired everything in your life will seem worse and I often like to tell my sons when they are having issues from being tired  “there is nothing a good night’s sleep can’t fix.”

Are there ways that you can help yourself get better sleep? If you are used to binge-watching TV at night after the kids go to sleep I get it it is nice to have some alone time, but you will feel much better tomorrow if you turn the TV off and go to bed earlier today.

Try to promote healthy sleep habits. Dim the lights in your room about an hour to two hours before bedtime. Avoid screen time at least 2 hours before bedtime.

If you are still having trouble sleeping try a natural supplement called melatonin, which is sold at most stores that carry vitamins to help you fall asleep. I use melatonin when my anxiety is acting up and it helps me fall asleep faster and overall get a better night’s rest.

When I get a good night’s sleep I am a better mother and I am able to take care of my children. But when I am tired I often feel sluggish and do not feel like doing anything which includes my regular household tasks of laundry, dishes, cooking, dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning. (Oh, the joys of being a mom!)

I am much happier to do these chores in which I normally don’t feel like doing anyway when I get a good night’s sleep.


Steps to Regular Self-Care for Moms


In order to make mom self-care regular for you, it will help to keep a self-care Journal. Try writing down the self-care steps you want to take each day. I love using time blocking to help me keep commitments to myself. In time blocking you will jot down what you will be doing pretty much every hour of every day.

This helps you see how much time you really have and what you are using your time for. You can drop down things like playing with your kids, resting, reading, taking a walk, and or your regular household chores.

Often times when we look at the time we have throughout the day it is surprising to see all of the extra time that is lost on things like social media, television, and not taking care of ourselves when we could be.


Know What Self-Care Isn’t


Although it is nice to take care of ourselves we often look at things as self-care should eliminate from our self-care list because they are hurting instead of helping

For example, drinking a bottle of wine may seem fun at the moment but you may not feel good the next day which creates a cycle of not feeling well and happy. This is not the best form of self-care.

Also, scrolling through your phone and looking at social media may seem like a relaxing thing to do. Yet, oftentimes we feel worse about ourselves when looking at advertisements and pictures on social media a people portraying lives that are impossible to recreate ourselves. Not to mention, research shows social media is addictive so it is best to limit your time on social media.  Of course, I’m not suggesting getting rid of social media altogether because it can be a great way to connect with family and friends. Just limit social media time and recognize if it is causing you to feel depressed or anxitious. 

Pay attention this week to the things you are doing that makes you feel poorly afterward. Jot down what you were doing at this time and how it made you feel. Next week when you plan your self-care, eliminate these things from your to-do list.

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Learn how to practice mom self-care


Mom Self-Care Final Thoughts…


Make sure to make time for yourself, mama. You deserve time to just be you and to do the things you love and enjoy. Using a to-do list, journal, or time blocking schedule will help you ensure that you are finding time for YOU. Make sure to take time for yourself, take time to rest, and do something you enjoy each day.  We are all given the same 24 hours each day. Make a choice to use your time wisely and take care of yourself so that you will be joyful with the rest of your family.

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