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30 Bullet Journal Prompts for Beginners

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Bullet Journal Prompts for Beginners


Are you ready to “get zen?” One way to help process emotions and feel more joy is journaling.

Yet, there are so many styles of journaling, that choosing the right one for you may be difficult. However, you may have heard of bullet journaling, a popular style that incorporates doodling, drawing, coloring, and journaling all in one.

You can use your bullet journal for a variety of styles and helps you decide which type of journaling is your favorite. Some popular forms of bullet journaling are as follows:

  • art pages
  • organization
  • goals
  • weekly/monthly plans
  • scrap pages
  • trackers
  • stories
  • reflections
  • lists
  • checklists

Some people use a bullet journal to help plan their days or week ahead. Nonetheless, others use it to be creative and express themselves.

The beauty is, that you get to choose. You can have a bullet journal that is more cute and creative or use it like a scrapbook journal. Not to mention, some choose to keep it basic with a bullet journal aesthetic with trackers and washi tape.

Nonetheless, however you choose to do y our bullet journal, make sure it suits you. And regardless of what you choose, it may be difficult to cook up ideas to write about. This post will list 30 bullet journal prompts to help you get started so you have a safe space to stay creative, tell your stories and reflect on your life.

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How do I Start Bullet Journal Prompts (for beginners)?


If you are new to journaling, getting started can be difficult. Yet, if you are a beginner and would like to learn how to bullet journal, check out these post to see if it is for you.

I think bullet journaling is fun because you can be super creative and you really aren’t stuck in a bubble. You can choose what type of bullet journal you want to create and you can really just have fun with it.

Make sure to gather your supplies before you start your bullet journal.


What should I write in a bullet journal ideas:


If you are at a loss as to what you should write, this post offers 30 prompts for your bullet journal to get you started. Of course, you can think of your own ideas are modify the bullet journal prompts below as you see fit.

Even if you think of your own prompts for a few days and then get stuck, come back to this list and bookmark it so you can use all the prompts in your new bullet journal.

You can use your bullet journal to plan your life and keep track of things. Your bullet journal can be fun, but also help you stay organized.


What should I have at the beginning of my bullet journal?


One idea is to create your own index with page numbers to make it easy to find pages in your bullet journal.


You can also create a key and use it if you are color coding or using washi tape for specific things.





30 Bullet Journal Prompts to Start Your Bullet Journal:



  • What was the best part of your day?
  • What are you most proud of?
  • Write about and draw a picture of the weather today. Was it usual for this time of year?
  •  If you could have a conversation with one person tonight, who would it be?
  • Jot down 20 “I love” statements about yourself and tell why you love these things about yourself. (wonderful self-reflection)
  • What are five things you can be grateful for right now?
  • What is the best compliment you have received and how did it make you feel?
  • Who is your favorite fictional character and why do you love them?
  • Reflect on your past week. What thoughts, feelings emotions did you have?
  • What is your mood like today? How can you make it better?
  • Name three things that made you smile today.
  • Write a list of things you want to accomplish this week and month. (You can expand to yearly goals too.)
  • What is one lesson you have learned recently about life or people in general?
  • Who is your favorite author and why do they inspire you?
  • What is your bucket list travel goal and why? Draw a pic if you please.
  • What is the last thing that made you cry, be it good or bad?
  • What are your 2-year, 5-year, and ten-year plan? Use a few pages if needed.
  • If your favorite pair of shoes could talk, what would they tell you?
  • What are your goals for today, or the next day if evening? Check your progress once the day is done.
  • Who is your biggest inspiration? Why does this person inspire you?
  • What are three words you would use to describe yourself?
  • What is something that makes you laugh? Is it an inside joke with others or yourself?
  • If you could only keep five of your possessions in th world, what would you choose and why?
  • What are five things you are looking forward to in your life?
  • Leave a review of something you see daily such as your favorite doughnut, a book you are reading, or a tree in your yard.
  • If you could change one memory in your life, what would it be good or bad?
  • Name and describe the best gift you have ever given.
  • What is your number one embarrassing moment? Tell me about it.

Let’s make bullet journaling super fun! Check out these bullet journal accessories:


Give your bullet journal a review. Is there any new spread you want to try next month or a different style of tracker?

Make a gratitude page and added a few things. Keep coming back and adding to your list.

Check out these super cute bullet journals on Amazon! They come in many different colors and got great reviews!


Bullet Journal Prompts for Beginners' bullet journal clock, mask
Bullet Journal Prompts for Beginners’ bullet journal clock, mask

How does a beginner organize a bullet journal?


As you can see, bullet journaling can be so much fun. It is a great way to track things in your life, release feelings, tell stories and make reflections to start or end your day. Make sure to add your own personal touch and get personal too. You can always get rid of pages if needed and decorate your bullet journal with your own flare.

These prompts should last you a month and make sure to doodle and have fun while reflecting and using your new journal.


Bullet Journal Prompts for Beginners

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