How to be kind to yourself as a busy mom; plus self-care tips mom working and holding child

How to be Kind to Yourself as a Busy Mom (Self-care Tips)

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How to be Kind to Yourself as a Busy Mom (Plus Self-Care Ideas)


Are you kind to yourself? It may be hard to show yourself kindness while you are running around frazzled cleaning up juice and listening to a tantrum. However, it is best to learn how to be kind to yourself as a busy mom, so you can feel loved and appreciated too.

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How do you take care of yourself as a busy mother?


If you are a busy mom, chances are your needs have been pushed to the back burner and you don’t get the proper care you need. Yet, taking care of yourself should be a priority so you can avoid burnout and overwhelm.

As moms, we are trained to take care of everyone else and push through. Our needs can be met later, right? Yet, often later becomes never which causes more issues.

In fact, according to CBS 19 News, a recent study shows being a mom is equivalent to 2.5 full-time jobs. It is no wonder we have a hard time remembering to take care of ourselves.


How can I be kind to myself as a mother?


It may sound strange, but how you treat yourself, teaches others how to treat you. If you are often putting yourself down or feeling bad about life or your situation, you are not bringing any positive energy into your field.

It is best to think of yourself as a small child. Talk to your inner child. How would you speak to a child? You would be kind and caring. This is also how you deserve to be talked to as an adult, by yourself and others.

How do moms do self-care?


It is also put to the side and moms don’t think bout “doing” self-care. Yet, if you are asking yourself, “How do moms do self-care?” because you hear the buzz term or your friends seem to get plenty of self-care, it is a good place to start.

Moms need to plan out time for themselves, whether it be 30 minutes per day morning and night, or one day dedicated to self-care such as a self-care Sunday.

If you do not make time for things, they usually don’t happen. So take action this week and use some of the ideas you have found in this post to pamper and spoil yourself. After all, mama, you deserve it!


How do I make time for myself as a working mom?


Being a busy working mom poses an issue. Of course, most of your day is spent at work, and when you get home you often have responsibilities and want to spend time with family and kids.

Try getting up early for 20 minutes of yoga or journaling. Find something you can do in the morning that is just for you. If you are a night owl then rearrange your schedule so your spouse can put the kids to bed a few times per week or wait until you have them in bed to practice self-care.

You can also try a self-care Sunday or at least part of the weekend for yourself.

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Why is it important to take care of yourself first?


It is important to take care of yourself first because if you are well taken care of,  you will be better apt to take care of others.

If you don’t meet your own needs, resentment often grows and you will be angry and annoyed at your family.

When carrying negative feelings, this often leads to snapping at the ones we love or walking around with a negative attitude which is noticeable all around us.

Meeting your needs and taking care of yourself will solve this, help you have better days, and give you a positive outlook when taking care of your family.

letter board "self-care isn't selfish" pink background: How to be kind to yourself
letter board “self-care isn’t selfish” pink background: How to be kind to yourself

10 Easy Self-Care Tips for Busy Moms:


#1 Forgive Yourself


Forgive yourself and move on. Don’t blame yourself and hold on to the guilt. If you messed up somewhere, as every parent will do at some point, forgive yourself and keep going.

You deserve kindness and forgiveness.

#2 Treat Yourself with TLC


Treat yourself in a positive way. Refrain from putting yourself down, especially in front of your kids or others. Find small things that bring you joy and do more of them. For example, do you like bubble baths or face masks? Treat yourself to something nice every day.


#3 Know that you are worthy


You are worthy each and every day, mama!

Trouble is, most of us don’t feel good enough. We often tear ourselves down, hold ourselves to unlivable expectations, and beat ourselves up when we don’t live up to everything we “think” we should be doing.

We see other moms on Instagram or Facebook and we feel we can’t keep up.

However, I am giving you permission right not to use this line anytime you need it: Something has got to give.

You can’t live a perfect life and still be happy and find joy and inner peace. Therefore, remember: something has got to give.

You can’t make every single craft you see or go to every fun place you see on the Internet with your kids. Take them to a park and call it a day. And there will be days you can’t leave the house. Don’t beat yourself up. It is okay.

Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Tell yourself, especially when anxiety creeps up, that you are worthy. Say it with me, “I am worthy.

Yes, each and every day, you ARE worthy, mama.


#4 Acceptance


Learn to accept yourself and you will be free. Stop trying to people please and find peace and inner love.

Accepting yourself is very freeing. Try to stop caring what others think and make yourself happy.

You don’t need to change yourself to be prettier, smaller, bigger, or dress a certain way. Did you know, you are perfect just the way you are?

This is also a great idea to model for your child.


#5 Be positive

how to be kind to yourself as a busy mom; mom on computer with child
how to be kind to yourself as a busy mom; mom on a computer with a child

Learn to be more positive. Get rid of negative thinking.

This can be difficult as most of your negative thoughts stem from childhood and are now a habit.

One way to help is by practicing positive affirmations every morning and every evening. Make this your habit and your narrative.

You can check out another post of positive affirmations I wrote here if you need a little help.

Post some new mantras on your mirror or wall right by your bed so you remember to say your them.

For more tips on how to be kind to yourself as a busy mom, keep reading…

#6 Exercise


Your body was not meant to be still. Remember to move each and every day. This can be easy while chasing a toddler, but as your kids grow and you don’t have to save them from near death every five minutes, remember to get up often and keep moving.

This can be as simple as a walk each day or heading out to your gym.

Find something you enjoy! Do you like yoga or Zumba?

If you like it, you are more likely to stick to it.

You can do your exercising all at once or split it up into 5-10 minute sports throughout the day. If you do four five-minute workouts split up, you just got a 20-minute workout in today. Great job!

Amazingly, this will help with your energy levels and boost your overall health to boot!



#7 Eat Healthy


Try to think of food as your fuel.

Use food to nourish your body. This means ditching processed foods and opting for fresh fruits and vegetables.

I also try to buy organic to rid my body of pesticides, but this can be pricey so try to stick to the “dirty dozen” when buying organic.


#8 Treat Yourself


While you treat everyone else on a daily, remember you deserve treats too.

Find some things you love and enjoy and indulge in.

I absolutely love my morning coffee and chocolate. These are my guilty pleasures!

What do you love? What motivates you?

Do you enjoy a good book? Do you love strawberries and cream? Find something you love and treat yourself. Of course, it doesn’t have to be food. Maybe you need a good spa day or a mani/pedi.

Find something that makes you feel good and treat yo’ self!


#9 Quiet Time


Did you know, that many moms are overstimulated?

With the constant noise of kids playing and running, televisions, and constant notifications on our phones going off, these things are constantly grabbing our attention.  Not to mention driving kids to school, sports, and lessons. It seems we are constantly on the go.

This is why quiet time is so essential.

Find some time throughout the day to just be quiet and be still. You can try meditation if you prefer or just sit and enjoy the quiet.

Turn off notifications and put your phone away. You will find it very freeing to “not” be constantly available to others.

Send your kids outside or enjoy some quiet while they are at school.

Enjoy the quiet and peacefulness.

Woman wearing a hat, laughing, pink white background
How to be kind to yourself as a busy mom. Learn to laugh more.


#10 Laugh Often


I have a wonderful friend that makes me laugh.

We have the exact same sense of humor and could never keep a straight face when we were together. Yet, she moved and we don’t see each other much. Yet, these memories are very fond, as all we did when we were together was laugh. -How fun!!

If you find that quality in someone, keep them around.

I will admit, my husband is pretty funny too and we often laugh together.

Yet, you can still laugh if you don’t have that funny friend! Find a funny movie or watch funny videos and get it out. Laugh with your kids and smile as much as you can even if you don’t feel like it.

The act of smiling will put you in a better mood.


#11 Change your Self-Talk


Negative self-talk can be very damaging.  Pay attention to that little voice in your head. If it is often negative and you have an internal banter of putting yourself down, try some positive affirmations daily. Then start ignoring that voice. Pretend you have a whack-a-mole game and hit it down every time a negative thought pops up.



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How to be Kind to Yourself as a Busy Mom Final Thoughts…


If you are constantly busy, it is time to slow down and take some time for yourself. Make sure to treat yourself with TLC and be kind to yourself always. Accept yourself for who you are and get rid of those negative thoughts that creep up in your inner dialogue. You are perfectly perfect just the way you are and you deserve to be treated and pampered, mama!


How to be Kind to Yourself as a Busy Mom (Plus Self-Care Ideas)

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