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7 Free Self-Care Ideas for any Budget

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7 Free Self-Care Ideas


With the rising cost of food, gas, and life in general at times, it is hard to find the money for self-care. It seems self-care is usually pushed to the bottom of our budget because we need food and shelter first and foremost. Yet, it is still essential to take care of yourself, even when money is tight.

Stretching your budget can be stressful; however, with the tips listed in this post is possible to still have self-care, even if you are low on cash.

As moms, we need an outlet for channeling our feelings to remain happy and balanced. But sometimes we are not able to do these activities due to time, money, or other obligations.

The self-care ideas listed in this post are free and will help you relax, even if your budget doesn’t allow for fancy spa treatments or products.

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Here are seven Free Self-Care Ideas for any Budget:


#1 Isolate Yourself


Sometimes being alone in solitude is the best thing for a person’s mind. In fact, you can learn how to be alone and date yourself for some peace and quiet. One way you can achieve this is to find an empty room for 30 minutes at home or work and do nothing. Learn to be content with your mind and silence thoughts.

You can try meditation or guided meditation to help relax.

Sometimes being alone will help us find answers to pressing thoughts and help relieve anxiety.

#2 Write it Down


Do you have a journal? You can check out the self-care/spa journal here!

One amazing self-care technique is to write down your thoughts and feelings often. You can vent or be creative about it.

It is also beneficial to go back and read your old writings to learn about yourself.


Not to mention, you can also double or use a bullet journal. Also, try drawing or doodling whatever you feel in your journal since it is just for you.


#3 Take a Warm Shower


Taking a nice long shower has a calming, relaxing effect and can even help you sleep better. Whether you prefer showers or baths, there is something so relaxing about listening to the water, smelling the soap or body wash, and feeling the warmth. Refresh and cleanse your body and mind.


#4 Listen to Music


Music can have a positive, calming effect on anyone.

Do you have a favorite song? Put on your playlist and grab your headphones so you can listen away.

This is an amazing free self-care activity that can get you through tough times. Depending on what mood you are in, play your happy songs or your claiming songs.

Music has a way of evoking emotions. Once we feel our emotions they can be processed and leave us with less anxiety and worry.


#5 Nature Walk


Nature is scientifically proven to lower brain activity so you feel calmer and less stressed. (source: American Psychological Association)

Find a local walking trail or park and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

Make sure to hydrate and I suggest going by yourself. I took my kids on a nature trail last year and the complaining didn’t leave me very chipper. LOL


#6 Brain Dump


When you are feeling overwhelmed, try a brain dump. A brain dump just means you are dumping everything out of your brain onto paper. You can use your journal or bullet journal and jot down your feelings and thought to basically get them out of your head so you feel calm, and clear and can make sense of any jumbled thoughts.

I suggest doing this in the morning for a better day, or if you have trouble sleeping try a brain dump before bedtime.


#7  Read for Free


Reading is a relaxing way to enjoy your free time and take your mind off your stressors. However, books can be pricey as well as book subscriptions.

There are three ways I am able to read for free:


  1. Local library – I make good use of my local library. You can even check out books on your device (check your library program and sign up). I often put books on hold, if the library doesn’t have the book I want at that particular time. I even get my kids tons of books too so we can all read together.
  2. Free Little Libraries – Most parks in my area have a little free library (basically a little box where people can donate books they are done with).  Also, all of the elementary schools. Many think these are just for kids, but people often put adult books in the free libraries too. I have found so many good books in the free libraries and I just recycle and put them back or add other donated books when I am done.
  3. Kindle free trial – If you like to read on a device (I like paper books, but I’m getting used to my Kindle app) you can sign up for a 1-month free trial of Kindle and read as many books as you can. Of course, you will be charged if you don’t cancel on time, but when I tried to cancel they offered me another three months for $2.99 and it was worth it to me, so I kept it. I have the date posted on my wall of when I need to cancel and we will see if they offer the discount again! Sign up for your free trial here!

Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans


Free Self-Care Ideas Final Thoughts…


Taking care of your family is important and the best way to do that is to take care of yourself. Nonetheless, this can be difficult if you are low on cash.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, make sure to take some time for yourself and practice self-care with the free ideas listed above. Try taking a day for yourself and combine all of the free self-care ideas so you can relax and unwind. You will have more energy to help your family and feel less stressed about obligations and money.

7 Free Self-Care Ideas

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