40 Positive Wednesday Blessing Quotes

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Are you ready for some Positive Wednesday Blessing Quotes?


Wednesday can be rough for many, but I like to think of it as “hump day” and getting over that hump of the week can feel glorious.

Wednesday is a day for rejoicing because we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and we are ready to now move forward towards the day of rest, Sunday. If you are feeling a bit down this Wednesday, use these positive Wednesday blessing quotes to help you find joy in the day and make it through the rest of the week.

Each day, in fact, is a blessing and we can learn to love and feel content, even when we are in the worst of moods because life is happening today and we have love and life all around us.

Even if you are feeling a bit down lately, look at the trees, the flowers, the plants, and the neighbor’s chipper dog (no really, my neighbors have a dog that makes me smile every day!) and you can see love and happiness in this world.

We can all use some cheering up from time to time, so using positive Wednesday blessing quotes can remind us that each and every day is a blessing, this earn is a blessing and you, my friend, are also a blessing.

40 Positive Wednesday Blessing Quotes to help you make it through your week (feel free to share as positive Wednesday Instagram captions or FB captions/quotes)

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#1 May this Wednesday be a blessing unto you, my friend. Go forth and serve the Lord.

#2 Great each day with love and laughter.

#3 Wednesday is a day of rejoicing. We have made it halfway to the day of rest.

#4 May your blessings be heavy and your burdens be light on this Wednesday.

#5 Keep the light of the Lord with you this Wednesday and you shall make it through the day.

#6 Stay positive this Wednesday and keep your head held high.

#7 Push yourself through the rest of the week and keep cheering for yourself. You’ve got this.

#8 Many blessings to you this Wednesday morning. Keep pressing forward and spread love everywhere you go.

#9 Love and kindness are your strengths this Wednesday morning.

#10 Let the glory of this Wednesday be bestowed upon you and keep love in your heart.

#11 Smile this Wednesday morning, for you have lived to see another day.

#12 Wednesday is a wonderful day to start anew.

#13 Wednesday smiles bring Thursday good vibes.

#14 May your vibrations are high as you walk through your day.

#15 Carry on with love and truth this Wednesday and always.

#16 Wishing you many blessings this Wednesday morning. Let your light shine and brighten the day of others.

#17 Wednesday morning with all of its glory, will lead you through the week.

#18 May God bless you this Wednesday and always as you walk your journey.

#19 Prayers of friendship are bestowed upon you this Wednesday and always.

Happy Wednesday - wish and dream of good things to come - flowers

#20  Wednesday is a morning to wish and dream of good things to come.

#21 Live the life you were meant to live, this Wednesday and always.

#22 Keep your head up this Wednesday, as you move through your week. Use your strength and perseverance to push through.

#23 Stay positive and keep smiling, for the Lord will show you the way.

#24 Many blessings to you this Wednesday and always.

#25 Move forward with love and light, shining for the world to see.

#26 Find your angels today and ask for blessings as you move through the week.

#27 Bless this house and bless this family on Wednesday and always.

#28 Grateful for making it to Wednesday. My gratitude will shine through in all I encounter today.

#29 Best wishes for a wonderful Wednesday.

Life is too short to worry this Wednesday. Stay positive and be grateful. blue watercolor strokes

#30 Life is too short to worry this Wednesday. Stay positive and be grateful.

#31 It’s Wednesday, have a great day!

#32 Looking to the Lord above for a positive Wednesday. Lord, guide me through my day.

#33 Believe in yourself this Wednesday and push forward through the week.

#34 Find the love in Wednesday and everything will go your way.

#35 Best of friends and best of foes, Wednesday will turn your woes.

#36 Find your why and let it guide you through your week.

#37 Bless this day and shout hurray for Wednesday.

#38 When we stay positive, we will find joy in our day.

#39 Positive thoughts and vibes so you can thrive this Wednesday.

#40 Bless this Wednesday and bless the world. Send light to the corners of the earth.

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Positive Wednesday Blessings Quotes final thoughts…


I hope these positive Wednesday blessings have made your day. Use them as Instagram captions for positive Wednesday thoughts, a Facebook meme for positive Wednesday thoughts, or for your own personal happiness. Wishing you well this Wednesday and always.

40 Positive Wednesday Blessing Quotes

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