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Purple Paint Positive Thinking Journal

Paintbrush Positive Thinking Journal

31 Days of positive thinking!

Are you feeling down lately? Do you need a pick me up? Try this amazing positive thinking journal to get you out of your rut.

Let’s face it, life can be hard. It is easy to have negative thoughts and focus on the bad.

Yet, did you know you can be a happier person, by simply changing the way you think? And science shows it takes around 21 days to form a habit. So why not give this positive thinking journal a try and commit to a month’s worth of positive thinking.

What you will get:

31 days of positive thinking activities and lined paper to write down your thoughts and activities for each day.

Also, a monthly view of the activities and cover page.

Give positive thinking a try with this totally cute journal for only $9.99.

(This is a digital product. Once payment is received, you will get a digital download you can print at home and use over and over.)


Undated Flowery Planner

Undated Monthly Planner/Journal Pages: picture of floral planner cover page, notes page, calendar page, journal page


20 Page Undated Flower Planner, Blank Lined Journal Pages, Notes | Created by Momma Take Care

Do you have too much to do? Do you have goals that are not being met?

If your To-Do list is a mile long and you can’t figure out why things don’t get done, this planner is for you.

This undated planner will help you get your life in order and reach your monthly goals.

It has an adorable flowery background and will help brighten your mood each time you take it out to write down your monthly goals and tasks.

This planner also includes reprintable blank-lined journal pages so you can keep a journal each month. Plus, since it is undated, you can reprint it year after year.

What’s included:

20 Page Undated Flowery Planner/Journal Pages

Letter-size PDF


  • Printable undated 12-month calendar
  • Blank-lined, reprintable journal pages
  • Reprintable notes page

This is an instant digit download product. Nothing will be shipped.

Price: $5.99

Self-Care Weekly Checklist

Use the pretty self-care printable checklist to keep track of your self-care needs. Often, mamas forget to take care of themselves. Use this weekly self-care checklist to start practicing more self-love and nurturing. (1-page PDF)

Weekly Self-Care Printable - Do you need self-care and self-love? Keep track of your self-care journey with this pretty self-care printable available in the shop! #selfcare

Price: $1.99


Positive Affirmations Pretty Printable

This pretty printable touts 30 positive affirmations to say each day. Make one your mantra for each day of the month. Hang them on your wall as a reminder of positive thoughts and energy throughout the day. Remember, you are your thoughts, so uses these beautiful sheets as a reminder to use self-love, trust yourself, and stay positively happy. (3 page PDF)


Positive Affirmations PDF


Price: $3.99


60-Day Habit Tracker

Are you ready for better habits? Use this 60-day habit tracker to help you reach your goals. Studies show it takes around 66 days to form a habit. Use this habit tracker for all of your positive habit needs. This is a two-page PDF. The second page offers ideas of habits you can start like writing or exercising. Enjoy!

Change your habits, change your life!!

Price: $2.99


60-Day Habit Tracker




Flowery Home Organization Planner

Flowery Home Planner,- Be more organized at home, mama! Emergency numbers, meal plan, to-do list, day planner, notes, undated calendar, and much more!

Are you tired of living your life on the fly? Do you always feel like the mom that “doesn’t have her stuff together?”

Well, fear no more, mama!

The Flowery Home Organization Planner is Here!

If you often feel like your life is out of control, it is time to start taking action and planning with this super cute, Home Organization Planner.

  • Cover page
  • Emergency Information
  • Favorite Recipes
  • Grocery List
  • Home Project Planner
  • House Sitter Info
  • Kitchen Inventory
  • Master Home “To Do” List
  • Outdoor Project Planner
  • Family Recipes
  • Recipes to Try
  • Shopping List
  • Cleaning Schedule
  • What’s for Dinner Meal Planner
  • Daily Mom Planner
  • Weekly Mom Planner
  • Undated Calendar
  • Notes
  • To-Do List
  • Vision Board

Get your life back together and be the most organized mom on the PTA! You’ve got this girl!

This planner will change the way you run your home!

No more forgotten soccer snacks or picture day money. Keep handy information in a binder so it is easy for you to find and use!

This is a digital download, Upon purchase, you will receive an email with your download and any future updates.

32 pages of home planner pdf printable including emergency numbers, home planners, mommy day planner, weekly mommy planner, recipes, and more!


Autumn Recipe Pack

Autumn Recipe Pack - 40 page pdf with fall recipes, dividers, seating chart, budget, meal plan and more!

Are you ready for Fall? My favorite part of Autumn has to be the food!  Yet, it is not always easy to prepare meals and have your ingredients on hand with back-to-school underway, fall sports, and all your other fall activities.

That’s why I created the Autumn Recipe Pack.

This 40-page pack includes all you will need to stay organized this fall.

What you will get:

  • Cover
  • Belongs to Page
  • Conversion Chart
  • Appetizer Divider Page
  • Appetizer Blank Recipe page
  • Complet Recipe: Cranberry Brie Bites
  • Complete Recipe Autumn Kielbasa
  • Side Dish Divider
  • Side Dish Blank Recipe
  • Complete Recipe: Mashed Butternut Squash
  • Complete Recipe: Honey Sweet Potatoes
  • Main Dish Divider Page
  • Mian Dish Blank Page
  • Complete Recipe: Pork Rice Casserole
  • Complete Recipe: Easy Autumn Pork Chops
  • Beverage Divider Page
  • Blank Beverage Recipe Page
  • Complete Recipe: Gingerbread Mocha
  • Complete Recipe: Easy Hot Apple Cider
  • Dessert Divider Page
  • Dessert Blank Recipe Page
  • Complete Recipe: Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
  • Complete Recipe: Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies
  • Weekly Meal Planner (Fall Theme)
  • Daily Meal Tracker
  • Grocery List


Plus: Thanksgiving Section with a budget planner, dinner menu planner, seating chart, and fall recipe favorites.

Also included: Two fall journal pages, a fall calendar page, and three cute fall tracker pages that can be used to track your savings, exercise, or self-care routines.

This Fall Pack will help keep the back-to-school season simple and fun. No more stress for mom!

You will be prepared for Thanksgiving and also try some new yummy fall recipes.



30 Journal Prompts for Spring


Are you ready to start journaling this spring? This printable offers 30 Spring journal prompts to get your mind thinking Spring while also learning to use a journal to help reduce stress, anxiety, and negative emotions. You can use the journal prompts and journal pages included. The prompts are three pages long and 15 journal pages included to start journaling right away.

Price: $4.99

Journal Prompts for Spring