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Self-Care Weekly Checklist

Use the pretty self-care printable checklist to keep track of your self-care needs. Often, mamas forget to take care of themselves. Use this weekly self-care checklist to start practicing more self-love and nurturing. (1-page PDF)

Weekly Self-Care Printable - Do you need self-care and self-love? Keep track of your self-care journey with this pretty self-care printable available in the shop! #selfcare

Positive Affirmations Pretty Printable

This pretty printable touts 30 positive affirmations to say each day. Make one your mantra for each day of the month. Hang them on your wall to as a reminder of positive thoughts and energy throughout the day. Remember, you are your thoughts, so uses these beautiful sheets as a reminder to use self-love, trust yourself, and stay positively happy. (3 page PDF)


Positive Affirmations PDF




60-Day Habit Tracker

Are you ready for better habits? Use this 60-day habit tracker to help you reach your goals. Studies show it takes around 66 days to form a habit. Use this habit tracker for all of your positive habit needs. This is a two page PDF. The second page offers ideas of habits you can start like writing or exercising. Enjoy!


60-Day Habit Tracker




30 Journal Prompts for Spring


Are you ready to start journaling this spring? This printable offers 30 Spring journal prompts to get your mind thinking Spring while also learning to use a journal to help reduce stress, anxiety, and negative emotions. You can use the journal prompts and journal pages included. The prompts are three pages long and 13 journal pages included to start journaling right away.


Journal Prompts for Spring