9 Self-Care Ideas for When You are Super Busy

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Self-Care Ideas for When You are Super Busy


Let’s face it, we live in a busy world. In fact, hustling is the norm and after all the hustle and bustle, we may find it difficult to look after our own needs during these super busy times.

Yet, when it seems like you are always on the run, taking care of your well-being can be extremely important. However, it often gets overlooked. And that’s when mommy takes a turn for the worst and the fam better watch out!

If you are guilty of not paying attention to your needs, it is time to prioritize yourself and make self-care number one on your list of “to do’s”.

Self-care when busy may seem difficult, but if you use the hacks below, you can begin to feel whole again.

How to Take Care of Your Mental Health When you are Super Busy


This is a common issue and if you are a super busy mom, you definitely need to stop and take care of yourself, so you don’t burn out. Learning how to include self-care in your daily schedule is key to maintaining good mental health.

Make sure you are taking breaks and doing things you love each and every day.

You may be asking, “how do I self-care when busy?” and this poses a great question. Learning to slow down is a start, but use the tips listed below to help guide you and find more time for yourself.


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Why Self-Care is Essential Even When You’re Busy


Although pushing self-care to the bottom of our lists may seem tempting, it is essential to take some time for yourself. In fact, your well-being and mental health will thank you.

If you take care of your needs and take some time for yourself, you will notice a less crabby mama arise and you will have less snapping at family and resentment being pushed down like a smooshed bag of Goldfish at the bottom of your park bag. (Oh no, not that mess again!)

If you put off self-care this can have an effect on all you do including productivity and focus. So why not take care of yourself so you can live better and spread more joy?

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How to Practice Self-Care When You are Super Busy


As you can see, self-care is extremely important. However, in hectic times, it can be a challenge to remember to take care of yourself. Here are some easy ways to help you continue self-care, even when your life gets crazy.

#1 Technology Detox


After a few days without technology, you will instantly feel refreshed. Since technology is addictive anyway, it is best to limit your time. 

Not to mention, you feel lost and numb when you waste time mindlessly scrolling and just realize you spend an hour of your day looking at your phone.

It’s a distraction from real life and it is okay if limited, but if you are constantly on your phone or checking emails, you can’t really be present.

Try putting your phone in another room for a set amount of time, you will feel at ease and won’t always be “on-call.”


#2 Schedule Your Self-Care


No matter how busy you are, self-care is a must. And there is no better way to fit it in, than by putting it in your schedule. After all, you need a break too.

As you plug through your day, you will have something to look forward to and since you know a break is coming, you will be able to stay focused.


#3 Sleep is key for self-care


Getting enough sleep is so important and as I write this my tired little boy is starting to melt down because he didn’t get enough sleep last night.

Kids need enough sleep and adults do as well. This is a time for your brain to regroup and rest. You have probably noticed that lack of sleep leads to anxiety, decreased focus, and feeling tired which affect your productivity levels.

Getting enough sleep is key to accomplishing your tasks for the day, taking care of your family, and taking care of yourself.

#4 Declutter and organize


Clutter around your house is distracting and can lead to overwhelm and procrastination. Make sure to go through your house once a week and declutter papers, and mail, pick up toys/clothes, and of course, do the dishes daily.

Having a somewhat clean home (remember it does not need to be perfect) will help you feel less stressed when life gets crazy.

Make sure to create lists of things that need to get done and prioritize your most important tasks. Keep a schedule and calendar so you don’t miss appointments or overlook yourself.f Also, schedule so “me-time” in there too.

Super busy self-care tips: words "self-care" on beige background
Super busy self-care tips: words “self-care” on beige background

#5 Say no


Learning to say no, is so very freeing and a wonderful form of self-care. Remember how stressed out you were the last time you overbooked yourself and said yes to things you really didn’t want to do?

Learning to say no will help you free up time for your own tasks and set boundaries with people so they know where you stand.

Try it by saying not to do something small and build from there.

Keep reading for more self-care ideas for when you are super busy…


# 6 Exercise


Keep on moving! Exercise is so important. In fact, if you are super busy, you are probably getting some exercise anyway, so try wearing a fitness tracker and tracking your steps. If you are under your goal, take a quick walk in the morning or evening.

Especially pay attention if you work from home or are sitting at a computer for long periods of time or driving often. Take quick five-minute exercise breaks throughout the day and the five-minute times will add up. If you do this five times per day, you just got a 25-minute workout in. Great job!

You can also look for other things you enjoy like yoga, barre, jogging, weights, kettle ball workouts, or dance classes.

Besides being good for you, exercising more often will increase your energy and help you be more productive and less sluggish.


#7 Learn how to Meal Prep


Learning how to meal prep is a great way to save time. And guess what we are going to do with our extra time, mama? Yes, self-care!

Learning how to meal prep will help you stay organized and feel less frazzled when dinner time rolls around.

I like to meal prep on Sunday so I am ready for the week. Try looking up meal prep ideas to get you started and then do your shopping.

Cook and put everything away on Sunday and you can store it in the fridge/freezer for the upcoming week/month.

Ideas for meal prepping:


  • salads
  • sandwiches
  • breakfast sandwiches
  • freezer meals
  • crockpot dump recipes


#8 Plan Ahead


I like to make sure most of our stuff for the next day is ready to go before I go to bed. This gives me less nighttime anxiety and I have a better morning.

I lay out my clothes, my children’s clothing, and socks, don’t forget the socks!

Make sure the kid’s homework is done and put away and you have checked any school notes/events that are happening for the day/week.

I make sure we have our lunches packed or ingredients ready and I also make sure I have enough food for lunches/snacks on Sunday before the busy week begins.

Planning ahead and being prepared will help you have more time for yourself in the morning. You can use your extra time for exercising or journaling.


#9 Feed Your Mind


You are what you eat and this holds true for your mind as well. What you feed your mind will grow. So make sure you are feeding it positive thoughts.

Instead of watching the chaos or depressing stories on the news, why not read a motivational or self-help book before bed tonight? You can read about health, mental health, or any motivational stories.


I am currently reading “Atlas of the Heart” by Brene Brown. I love her work as it is extremely insightful.

Another motivational story I have on my reading list is “The Miracle Man,” a  survival story about a man that wasn’t supposed to walk or talk again after a plane crash but was able to use his mind to eventually walk out of the hospital.

Other great authors to check out:


Self-Care Ideas for When You are Super Busy Final Thoughts…


Even when you are super busy, you can still find time to take care of yourself. Don’t neglect your self-care and self-love because forgetting these things will spill over like a tidal wave into other areas of your life.

What are some other things you like to do when you are feeling super busy? Please share in the comments so we can learn and grow from each other.

And remember, mama, take care!


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