Do you need self-care? If you are on a self-love journey, learn how to fit self-care into your daily routine and life a life you love.

10 Ways to Fit Self-Care Into Your Daily Routine

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Ways to Fit Self Care Into Your Dialy Routine


Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed lately? Do you wake up in the morning tired and go to bed tired too, wondering when you will feel refreshed and awake again?

If so, you are probably in need of some daily self-care ideas. It is easy to forget about yourself when you are taking care of others. Often times, we become the last person on our priority list, and finding time to change that is a struggle, especially if you have developed a habit of not practicing self-care.

If you have been feeling exhausted and can’t seem to pull yourself out of your rut, you need a daily self-care routine.

A daily self-care routine will ensure you are taking care of yourself and help you start to fill your cup so you can feel alive and refreshed again.

Yet, many mamas may be asking, “When do I have time for a daily self-care routine?” As you read, you will find tips to help you develop better self-care habits and you can incorporate this into your daily life.

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Am I Self-Worthy


Often moms ask themselves, “Am I Self-Worthy?” Many feel they are not being a good mom if they do anything for themselves. It is true, many moms put their kids first for good reason. And this is good, most of the time, but like most things in life we need balance. If you want to find balance, you need to pencil in some self-care into your daily routine and put yourself first at least some of the time. You will be happier and your kids will have a better mom as a result. So do not feel selfish for wanting self-love.  Let us all deem ourselves “self-worthy” right now so we can implement the rest of the post.


What is Daily Self-Care?


Daily self-care is an intentional plan to take care of yourself including mindfulness, wellness, creativity, and pampering that will balance your mind, body, and spirit. Self-care is slowing down and bringing peace and joy to your everyday life.

Often times as moms, we forget that we need things too. I went to get a test the other day and as the pharmacist was squeezing blood out of my finger (which didn’t want to come out), she asked me if I had drunk any water that day. I thought back to the sparkling water I opened and left sitting full on the counter. My excuse was that I am homeschooling my kids and I often forget to take care of myself.

You need to get your self-care together! (Yes, I like talking to myself-lol.) But it was a sad feeling, that I didn’t even have time to drink water that morning as I was busy implementing lesson plans I set up for my kids.

As a reminder, when you start learning to take care of yourself, you will still have days like these. Dasy when you are busy and rushed and your kids want ALL of your attention. Yet, taking a little time, if even for five minutes to hydrate, can have an enormous effect on your well-being.

Now that we know what self-care is, let’s find out how to implement self-care into our daily routines.

10 Ways to Fit Self-Care Into Your Daily Routine


#1 Unplug


Are you attached to your phone? With all of the notifications buzzing, it is hard not to be. Yet, putting your phone away and “digital detoxing” your mind, will help you find a self-care routine that will work for you.

Let’s face it, we are bombarded with constant information and we are always “on.” which is not the best thing for mindfulness. Putting the phone away and turning the television off will help you be in the moment and focus.

If you want to come up with a self-care plan for your daily routine, it is best to start with intention and focus.

#2 Brain Storm Ideas


Not that we’ve got your attention, let’s come up with some ideas that will work for you. Grab a pen and paper or maybe your self-care journal. Start off by jotting down some ideas of things that make you happy and will give you peace.

Here are some self-care  examples I like to use:

  • light a candle
  • write in a journal
  • positive affirmations
  • drinking water
  • putting on my makeup

#3 Keep It Simple


Find things that work with your daily schedule and add them to your daily routine. After performing your self-care daily routine, you will form a habit and continue on your path to self-care and self-love. Some more easy ideas you can incorporate into your self-care routine are as follows:

  • exercise
  • eat well
  • meditate
  • go for a walk
  • Take a bath or shower


#4 Add Things You Love


Make sure you add small things you love to your daily self-care routine. You can try writing yourself reminders to help make sure you are not forgetting about yourself. Do you love candles? Do you love perfume? What about chocolate (my favorite). Add these to your daily self-care routine so you have something that brings you joy each day, that is just for you.

10 Ways to Fit Self-Care Into Your Daily Routine - Are you ready for some self-love? If so, you need a self-care routine. Most of us, can't find time for self-care. Yet, these self-care routine tips will help you get your self-care on track. #selfcare #selflove #inspire

#5 Set Goals


If you have been lacking in the self-care department, set some self-care goals for yourself. Write down your goals and keep them obtainable. For example, you can start by setting a timer for ten minutes to get some exercise. This is a goal you can achieve. Write it down and track it to make sure you are getting your physical self-care in.

#6 Write It Down


As mentioned above, writing down a goal helps give you a visual reminder of what you intend to do that day. Find a daily planner that works for you and add one self-care items each day. As the weeks go by add two or three until your cup is full, mama!

#7 Adjust as Needed


If you find your self-care routine is not working for you and giving you more anxiety, then adjust. Be flexible, especially if you have kids because things happen.

#8 Treat Yourself


If you are keeping up with your goals, make sure to reward yourself, Perhaps a new workout outfit or the latest book you have been eyeing on Amazon?

#9 Evaluate


Ask yourself if your self-care routine is working. Check-in with yourself. Check your trackers. If it is working great! Then add a few more self-care items you can turn into self-care habits.

#10 Rinse and Repeat


Once you find self-care ideas that work in your daily routine, keep doing. Oftentimes, we are on a roll and something comes up so we break our routine. Make sure you write your self-care plan down and keep doing it. If your new self-care routine helps you feel better, you deserve to keep it going.


How to Fit Self Care Into Your Dialy Routine Final Thoughts…


Finding time for daily self-care can be tricky, especially if you have kids. But it is important to keep your own cup full and take care of yourself, so you can be the best version of yourself every day. Use these tips to fit self-care into your daily routine and start living your dream life. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and make a plan! And as always, take care mama.


Do you have a tip not listed here? Leave me a comment and let all of us mamas know so we can learn and grow.


Ways to Fit Self Care Into Your Dialy Routine



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  1. Thank you for this! It’s so easy to get lose in the chaos of things and honestly this was a good reminder for me to unwind and focus on what matters.

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