10 Simple Winter Self-Care Ideas for Moms

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Simple Winter Self-Care Hacks for Moms


Are you ready to try some simple winter self-care ideas for moms? If you answered “yes” keep reading!

And if you are a mom, you should be taking care of yourself. After all, you take care of everyone else in the family, right? You deserve some “me-time” too!

If you have been feeling tired or overwhelmed as a mom, this is a sign you need some pampering and self-care is essential to bringing out the best version of you.

And since winter can drag on and on, it is essential to find ways to boost your mood and relax during this chilly season. Because being trapped inside with kids isn’t going to give you energy and make you feel pampered. Not to mention, there are fewer hours of daylight in winter which can make even the happiest mom feel somewhat down.

In fact, did you know four out of five people that suffer from seasonal affective disorder are women? (source Mental Health America)

Since winter can make us want to stay cozied up inside, we often see fewer people including friends and family. These people are often our lifeline to sanity. Unfortunately, this can affect our mental health. Moreover, finding ways to take care of yourself as a mom, is essential for this unquestionably long season.

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Try These Simple Winter Self-Care Ideas for Moms


Instead of feeling down all Winter, why not try some different forms of self-care to help boost your mood? You can find ways to feel energized, happier, and overall more comfortable. Here are ten ways to start feeling great this winter, mama:


#1 Read


What is better than cuddling up in a warm blanket and reading during the winter months. It is truly a favorite pastime of mine. When you can’t get outside, enjoy a book on your kindle, paperback, or audio and find a cuddly blanket (I like this weighted blanket) and enjoy your book.

I’m actually so excited because I just found out you don’t need a kindle to buy kindle books on Amazon. YOu can download the kindle app on your iPhone, which is just what I did. I have a problem with not being able to get out to a book store and since Covid-19 hit, our local library is pick-up only which makes it hard with kids. Now that I have found the Kindle app, I have access to thousands of books, and many times they are offered at a low price. You can also sign up for Audible and read or listen to hundreds of books for free.

I set a goal to read 20 books this year. Since it is January I am only on number one, but I love self-help books and books that I can learn from. I also love a good novel once in a while.

My favorite self-help books include:


These are just a few that I loved and found helpful. I will keep you all updated, as I read more. I’m actually reading a very old Tony Robins book right now called “Awaken the Giant Within.” I found it in a free library, and even though it’s old, I still love his message of changing belief systems. I highly recommend it and anything from him.

#2 Spa Day

If you’ve got the blues from being inside -seasonal affective disorder is real- then treat yourself to a spa day. Find a local place and book an appointment for some “me time.” I like to bring my book or magazine with me when I’m getting a pedicure so I can double up on my self-care.

Since Covid this tip is difficult, but using my favorite mantra “This too shall pass” I know one day we will be able to “spa it up” again. In the meantime, try creating a spa at home. Set aside time to do your nails or have your hubby give you a back massage. Yes, to relaxation!


#3 Hot Bath


If you don’t have a lot of time, draw up a hot bath and stay home. You can set up a deal with your spouse and take advantage of some me-time while he takes the kids for a walk or lets them play in the snow. Take a hot bath during the winter can help calm and relax your body. I’m loving these bath bombs which help soften and nourish your skin. Enjoy your me-time, mama. You deserve it.


#4 Soothing Skin Care


Grab your favorite moisturizer and face mask and have a mini-spa time in your bathroom. Having healthy glowing skin will help you feel better overall.

Have you heard of Mio Skincare? It is an essential skincare brand that can take care of all of your skincare needs.

Try Mio skincare here and start taking care of yourself, mama!

Mio skincare has over 4-star reviews from women just like you!

10 Winter Self-Care Ideas for Moms - Are you a mom in need of self-care? These cozy self-care tips will help you get through the winter this year.

#5 Outdoor Winter Sports


Are you a fan of outdoor sports? I personally don’t like to be cold, but once I get outside and start doing something fun, I tend to forget about it. If sports are your thing, then winter is definitely a time to try something new. If you already have your favorite winter sport, great! But if not, give one of the following a try:

  • sledding
  • cross country skiing
  • downhill skiing
  • snowmobiling
  • snowshoeing

If these are not your thing, try taking a walk outside.

Pro Tip: I just joined a winter workout challenge for the month of January. I found it on running fit since I participated in one of their 5k’s a while back. Basically, I need to walk, run, bike, or any exercise of my choice for at least 36 minutes per day. I actually set a timer on my microwave clock, and walk around my house while picking up as I go. I can’t wait to see results as I have been in a bit of an exercise rut lately. I am also walking outside, which I normally wouldn’t do in Michigan in January, but I am digging it! It is so nice to get out of the house. It is also more fun knowing others are in it with me.


#6 Movie Night


Do you enjoy movies? I love watching the Oscars every year and jotting down each movie nomination or winner. I make this my “movie list” for the year. I try to watch a movie every couple of weeks since it is something I enjoy. I also got a free trial of Hulu to catch up on a few Oscar winners last year (and binged watched Total Bella’s – haha.)

If you are a moviegoer, it is a totally relaxing activity you can do after the kids are in bed. You can even make it a date night with the hubby if he lets you pick the movie. (And yes, we mean Netflix and ONLY Chill! lol)

I also find it uplifting to watch funny movies if I am feeling down. Find your favorite comedy and watch it on your computer while your kids play. Of course, you may need headphones, depending on your type of comedy.


#7 Journal


Grab a cup of coffee and sit down with your journal. You can try some winter writing prompts to help you get started. It also helps to start a gratitude journal to help boost happiness.

If you are stuck trying to find something to write about, try one of the prompts below:

  • The snow makes me feel…
  • My favorite part about the holidays is
  • Winter is amazing because
  • I feel warm when
  • My favorite blanket
  • My goals for winter
  • My candlelight represents…
  • I love watching my kids ….in winter

You can write about whatever you choose, but these ideas will help you when you don’t know what to write about. You can write about your feelings, your frustrations, or your fear. Use journaling as a release to help increase happiness.


#8 Scented Candles


If you are looking to feel cozy in winter, light some candles. Make sure you pick your favorite scents because research shows scents help us feel calm.

Dim the lights and enjoy the mood!

My absolute favorite candles are Bath and Body Works. I love their candle scents, especially seasonal.


#9 Bake


Another great way to feel warmth and coziness during winter is to bake. Since you may be stuck inside, baking will help you explore your creative side and warm up the house. I like to experiment with frosting and decorations, which is a creative outlet for me.


#10 Declutter


Decluttering your house can help you declutter your mind. Did you know clutter affects women differently than men? Women seeing clutter in their visual field will also feel cluttered inside and will tend to give attention to clutter and lose focus on other things.



Simple Winter Self-Care Ideas for Moms Final Thoughts


Although you may feel trapped inside this winter, it is important to find ways to take care of yourself, during the winter months. Use these 10 winter self-care tips to help you avoid seasonal affective disorder and boost happiness when the sunlight is low. Use winter as a starting point to get your self-care routine in place and keep it up all year long.

What is your favorite winter self-care tip? Leave me a comment. I would love to hear and learn from you.




Simple Winter Self-Care Ideas for Moms

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