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Creative Ways to Practice Self-Care

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Creative and Artistic Ways to Practice Self Care



When we think of self-care, often we think about meditating, facials, or doing yoga. Yet, there are many other ways to practice self-love that doesn’t involve a total state of relaxation or stretching and breathing.

In fact, if you are creative, using your creativity may be just what you need to feel whole and revitalized. You can call on your inner artist or start writing the book you have been putting off as a form of self-care.

According to the University of Toledo, self-care can range from a number of things and it is important to listen to what your body needs.

What is creative self-care?


Creative self-care is self-care that involves using creativity such as art, music, writing, or creating something. Being creative helps us relax and stay calm and also reduced stress. 

Keep reading to find more creative self-care ideas:


As moms, we don’t always take the time to practice things we once enjoyed. If you are creative like me, these ideas are perfect to get your juices flowing again and feel whole-heartedly you again.

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Coloring as a Form of Self-Care


When I started coloring with my kids after years of not coloring, I thought to myself, “Wow, this is SO relaxing.” I can see why adult coloring books are so popular.

This mindless activity will help you find your inner zen so get your colored pencils or crayons out and start making those pages pretty.

You can find adult coloring books for gardening, symbols, animals, or pretty much anything of interest.

Coming Soon: Coloring mandalas

Get Crafty


I find crafting to be very relaxing. If you are new to crafting, take a class at a local craft shop.

Follow blogs that offer new craft ideas and try a new craft each week.

Are you into woodworking, quilting, or do you enjoy making decorations for your house? Find an idea you like and a tutorial and go to work.


Try Drawing or Painting


Self-care doesn’t have to be a trip to the spa or a hard set of rules. Using creativity is an easy way to feel great about yourself.  If you are feeling stressed or off, get out some paints or a sketchbook and freestyle.

My son and I like to find pretty flower painting tutorials on YouTube and follow along. It is very calming and relaxing, even with kids (well, he’s eight so if you are painting with a toddler it may not be as relaxing! lol)

If you like drawing, get out your old sketchbook and make a point to draw something daily.

After a hard day of housework, work-work, or taking care of the kids it is time to find something you enjoy that will help you destress and find inner peace.

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Play Music


Do you play an instrument? I find music to be soothing and calming (unless you are playing heavy metal – lol). If you don’t know how to play an instrument, you can learn. Finding ways to stimulate your brain that don’t involve stress and anxiety are some of the best forms of self-care.

We take piano lessons online through a company called “Busy People Do Piano.”  It is by great company and the teacher, Carly, does a wonderful job of breaking down reading music step-by-step. She has a free shorter class so you can check it out and see if it works for you.


Learn to sew or knit


Both of these activities are calming and can help reduce stress. I’ve tried both and the repetitive motions have a calming effect. Also, you are creating something which can bring you joy.

These are both ideas you can use to help calm your mind and if you continue to learn, you can even sell your items on Etsy or Facebook.



Writing is also a wonderful creative form of self-care. You can journal or if you love writing, start a blog or try writing a novel. If you are having a hard time finding time, you can set a timer for twenty minutes and do nothing but write. Find a quiet place and write or type away. I’m feeling more relaxed as I write this.

Mold With Clay


Many of these childhood activities were brought back to me after having kids. After a long hiatus of not doing these creative activities, I remembered why kids love them so much. Sculpting with clay can help you relax and distress. When if grade school, I took a pottery class and it was magical.

Check your local art shops or buy some of your own clay and begin creating.


Girl’s Night Out with Painting


My mom and I did this once and it was so fun. Painting is a calming activity, but taking a painting class will help you learn different techniques. We painted flowers with oil paint. Try to step out of your comfort zone and try a different medium. Invite your mom or best girlfriend to an art class and make a “girl’s night” out of it and of course, bring your favorite wine.


Creative Self-Care Ideas Final Thoughts…


Creative self-care can be one of the best forms of self-care. Creativity can distract your mind from anxiety, depression, and negative thoughts. Use your creativity to try painting, coloring, music, writing, or knitting. Try a new craft this week. Pay attention to how this makes you feel. If you love it, add it to your self-care schedule.

What is your favorite form of creative self-care? Leave a comment so we can learn from you.

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