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5 Self-Care Ideas I Want to Help Moms With

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5 Self-Care Ideas I Want to Help Moms With


Are you a happy mama? Or are you like me and feeling overwhelmed and underwater most of the time? If so, this blog will help you find your way to the shallow water so you can poke your head out and smile again.


Yes, being a mom is hard work. Of course,  it is an extremely rewarding job. Yet, it is a job that challenges us to the farthest ends of our depths. -Especially with your first baby. At this point, you are used to taking care of you, and only you. And then -boom-you have a child and you are now responsible for this tiny, precious bundle of joy for 18years and beyond.

It is a joyful time, but also a stressful time. It is a time you are totally giving of yourself and your time. This is the time, most of us mamas start putting our bundles of joy first, and forgetting we were once an individual in need of care ourselves.

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So if you have one child or two, or maybe more… Bless you! You are in the right place. You need a gentle reminder that you are a person that counts and deserves the best! And in taking care of your self, guess what??? You will become a better mother! Yes, these tips will help you because your cup will be full and you will be able to take better care of your littles when you feel whole and comforted.


You are a beautiful, caring human being. mama and just like you take care of others, you can also give yourself that same self-love. Hey, if they deserve it, you do too!


This is something, that at one time I forgot to do. I felt resentful and downright crabby. Even my family commented on how I didn’t seem like the same person – HELLO four hours of sleep each night. Yet, after reading countless self-care blogs, self-help books, and remember my years of psychology classes back in school I slowly started to come out of my rut and you can too.

I was a special education teacher for thirteen years before having children. During this time, I worked with emotionally impaired and learning disabled children. I loved the inspirational and motivational aspects of my job. One of my favorite things to do was to give my kids a motivation speech as to why education was so important.

I would beg them not to give up and to keep going. And in this blog, I will do the same for you. I see you, mama! You are important and taking care of yourself, is not a top priority.

Yes, you will get that good ole’ kick in the butt reminder to pick yourself up and keep on moving, mama!


This blog will also document my journey on my own self-care. I will share what works and a little of what doesn’t work for me. The thing about self-care is you must find something that YOU love and that works in YOUR schedule. Trust me when I say, it is not always easy. However, you CAN make it work.


My blog exists to help moms with self-care tips, even the small acts of self-love that we often forget about as moms – like sleeping!


Self-Care Lessons You Will Learn At Mama Take Care: 

  • Personal development
  • wellness
  • goal setting
  • small treats & comforts
  • self-care hacks and tips
  • self-care routines


Here are my Five Main Missions to Help Moms with Daily Self-Care


#1 Empower Moms to Start Caring for Themselves


Learn how to care for yourself again, mama. You can start small and add daily self-care hacks to your routine so you feel the self-love and caring you offer to everyone else in your family.

Self-Care Tips that will be included (but not limited to) in this blog:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Exercise
  • Better Sleep Habits

There will be many more self-care tips as we grow together, but these are just a few to get you started.


#2 Help Moms Work on Personal Development


Personal development is also an extremely important topic in the life of moms.

Your goals and development sometimes get pushed to the bottom of the “mommy to-do list.” Yet, if you forget about your dreams you will end up resentful over time. It is time to get back out there and strive for success.

It is okay to still have dreams and goals as a mom and I am here to support you on your way.

#3 Help Moms learn Wellness Tips

If you are feeling down, there are ways to pick yourself back up and keep on going. This blog will feature motivations for moms that will help you stay healthy and happy.

You will earn how to erase anxiety, sleep better, and learn to use tools to help you stay calm so you can be that loving mama you were meant to be.

Your wellness should be a top priority. At the end of the day,  your little ones need a happy mommy.

#4 Help Moms Set Goals


What are your goals? Do you have the foundation to achieve these goals, let alone stick with them?

If you seem to be falling short in the goal area, I can teach you how to start small and build a foundation that only requires small baby steps every day.

We will get you there!

#5 Continue to Learn About Self-Care and Document My Journey


No one is perfect, mama. Moreover, I am still learning as I go and I would love to share the tips and tools I have learned in the eight years of motherhood journey, but I have to admit, I am still trying new things every day.


Yet, I love personal development and growth and I would love to share any new hacks I learn along the way with my readers. We will and can grow together as one big mama community. So I hope you will join me!


5 Tips to Help Moms Final Thoughts


Are you ready to take care of you? With the above mentioned this blog will help you learn better self-care. You will grow with personal development and wellness. Your goals will be swept out from under the rug and made new again. Finally, you can share in my new found tips and tricks as we grow on this motherhood journey together.

Mama, Take Care!

5 Self-Care Ideas I Want to Help Moms With

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