6 Types of Self-Care and How to Practice Them All; woman doing yoga

6 Best Types of Self-Care Activities and How to Easily Fit Them In

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Self-care can mean different things to different people. Often we think of spa days, skin-care routines, or pricey trips to the beach.

Even though you may be doing those things, self-care goes beyond just using luxury products. Self-care consists of the small actions we take daily to feel whole-hearted as a person and have helped improve our overall well-being.

Hence there are six different types of self-care in all and they will be discussed further in this post. In order to practice self-care and live your best life, meeting all six of your needs will have th most impact on your overall well-being. Keep reading to find out the six types of self-care and tips and tricks on how you can implement them in your life.


​​6 Types of Self-Care (And Simple Ways to Practice Them All)


#1 Emotional Self-Care


Our feelings and emotions are a part of everything we do. If you prioritize self-care you can make sure your mental health is balanced. Therefore, your emotional well-being is a priority since it affects everything you do.

With that in mind, a few self-care activities you can practice are as follows:

  • therapy
  • playing music
  • journaling
  • writing about feelings
  • talking with friends.

Furthermore, it is also essential to feel all of your feeling and process them. For example, if you are angry it is okay to feel angry. Let it sit and often we find under anger is sadness or fear. Allow yourself to feel all of your feelings and process them. Thsi will allow you to move on and get past the negative feelings.

Allow yourself to cry and take time to heal if you are sad. Often we feel the need to be strong and push down negative emotions, but did you know getting to feel your emotions is the top way to process and move on. In fact, holding on to emotions and stuffing them down, is not good for your emotional health and can create stress and resentment.


#2 Practical Self-Care

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When practicing practical self-care one wants to do things to prevent stress. This can be as easy as staying organized and keeping a daily planner, taking classes to advance your career and finances, decluttering regularly to prevent home stress, meal planning, and keeping important documents such as marriage license, shot records, health items organised.

ONe of my biggest pet peeves in life is looking for things, when they have a “place.” This causes stress – Think running late and your keys are lost.

So staying organized is key to eliminating future stress.

Also, woman’s brains handle clutter differently than our male counterparts. It is distracting and makes it more difficult to concentrate when your house is cluttered.

Meal planning is a time saver and eliminates running to the store for last-minute items. It helps you plan what you will eat each night and buy the right ingredients at the store so you don’t have to make more trips out. It also saves money, because you will be less tempted to eat out or order carry out.

All of these ideas will save you time and keep you distressed. they may take a little work upfront, but will be worth it in the long run.


#3 Physical Self-Care


Of course, we have all heard exercise is good for us. But did you know it also helps with stress levels? According to Mayo Clinic, exercise benefits your overall health and also significantly reduced stress levels.

Plus you will keep a healthy weight which will help your overall health. Thsi means fewer trips to the doctors for you.

Nonetheless, it is also a great idea to stay hydrated throughout the day and eat well.

Make sure to get enough sleep. Sleeping enough is a huge part of self-care and can help you in all aspects of your life.

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6 Types of Self-Care and How to Practice Them All: woman doing yoga
6 Types of Self-Care and How to Practice Them All: Woman doing yoga


#4 Mental Self-Care


Although we already mentioned emotion self-care, when referring to mental self-care, we mean mental stimulation and learning.

By stimulating your mind, you can continue to be mentally alert and stable.

Often we are distracted in today’s world of tik tok, Facebook, and Instagram. Let’s not even get started on the rabbit hole of YouTube.

We are bombarded by advertisements and all of this is available at our fingertips (cough, cough, social media)

Although, it will be hard to stop scrolling altogether, try limiting yourself and replace your media with reading, board games. sudoku puzzles, physical puzzled, crosswords, or taking a class to learn something new.


#5 Social Self-Care


Social self-care is fun for all and it often takes a back burner, especially when you have a family and are extremely busy. If you want to keep a well-balanced lifestyle, it is important to carve out time with family and friends. Try saying yes, the next time your go-to is no because you are feeling overwhelmed and take some social time for yourself.

did you know you will actually be more productive at work when you are able to talk and vent with people you know and love? Not to mention, having things to look forward to is a great motivator and will help with stress and overwhelm.


#6 Spiritual Self-Care


Depending on your belief, this will look different for each and every one of us. And no, spiritual self-care doesn’t necessarily mean religion but can be depending on you.


If you are religious, make more time for your faith. Try reading and using reflection journals or prayer journals.

if you aren’t religious, try yoga and mediation, or spend time in nature.


That’s the beauty of any form of self-care. You do what works for you.

6 Types of Self-Care and Tips to Use them Final Thoughts…

Use the six types of self-care to help you better take care of yourself. If you are able to meet all of your self-care needs, you will feel whole-hearted as a person and less stressed and overwhelmed. Make sure to find activities that you love and that does not seem burdensome.


Do you practice all 6 types of self-care? If so, what are the ways you implement each and every one of them into your life? Feel free to tell us all about them in the comment section below as it can serve as inspiration for other readers!

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  1. I will keep these in mind. I know how important self care is. I find reading helps me a ton! It centers me!

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