Freebie: 5 Secrets to Better Self-Care

Are you ready to start your self-care journey? If so, you will need to know the five secrets to self-care. These tips will help you begin self-care as a mom and start feeling whole again and more like yourself since having kids.

At first, we wanted to teach photoshop, PowerPoint, and other pro-level tools to help you create incredibly well-designed PDFs and ebooks…

First, you will want to set some time aside to read through this guide. You can read it while putting your kids to bed tonight, but be ready to take action! You deserve it, mama!

This guide is meant to serve you as a mom. Anyone can practice self-care. In fact, before I was a mom, I had WAY more time for myself. I didn’t realize how much time I had on my hands. I could have used that time for so much more, but I think we all take that time for granted before becoming solely responsible for another human being. So let’s find time for you and set yourself up for fulfilling your needs before you experience mom burnout.

In this Self-Care Guide you will find:

  1. How to find time for self-care as a mom
  2. Self-care tips and ideas
  3. Why self-care is so important

I remember when I became a mom. I loved it, but my life was totally transformed and I felt a bit overwhelmed. As I looked at my life, I realized, I was doing everything for my family and nothing for myself. I had a habit of putting myself last.

This freebie will help you overcome obstacles to starting a self-care routine so you can put yourself first, at least some of the time. These are the seven best tips I can offer to get started off on your self-care journey. Your time begins now, mama

5 Secrets to Better Self-Care


Okay, now with that out of the way, I’m super excited to share the top 5 secrets I discovered on my OWN path to achieving self-care success. Let’s start with #1


Secret #1: Finding Time

If you want to find time for self-care, you must make time. You can try setting a timer or using a planner to write down chunks of “self-care” time for yourself during the day. 

Ask yourself, “Do I need help?” or “Do I need someone to watch the kids?”

Find some simple forms of self-care you can use each day and put it on your “to do” list.

Call to Action: Buy a planner and make sure to add some “me time” to your daily routine. 

If you do not have extra help, add self-care into your nighttime routine. Try a face mask or a warm bubble bath the help soothe yourself and relax.

Why this works:

Have you heard the popular saying from Ben Franklin? “If you fail to play, you plan to fail.”? By planning out your self-care for the day or week, you will be more likely to put your self-care plan into action.

Secret #2: Tips for Emotional Self-Care

What is emotional self-care? Emotional self-care means taking care of your mental health and finding time to sort out your feelings and release them. 

Emotional self-care can involve journaling, calling a friend to talk or vent, and having coffee with a trusted friend or family member. You may just need to give mom a call and express your feelings to feel good about yourself today. 

Call to Action: Call your bestie now and set up a coffee date or a zoom meeting (with wine) to chat.

Woman drinking coffee with clipboard


Why this works:

By expressing how you feel, you avoid pent-up feelings that will eventually pop up at the worst times. Often times when we hold in our feelings we end up snapping at our loved ones. By calling a friend or family member or using a journal, you are allowing yourself a release instead of holding your feelings in. 

You will feel a sense of calm and inner peace when you are able to express your feelings and if you don’t have someone you can talk to often, pull your journal and start writing.


Secret #3: Tips for Physical Self-Care

Physical self-care means moving your body. Human bodies were not meant to be stationary. The best way to boost energy and mood is to exercise daily. 

Don’t have the time? Try doing squats every time you go to the bathroom today or if you are watching television, get up during the commercials and do an exercise of your choices, such as jumping jacks or planks. 

Call to Action: Get out a piece of paper and write down three exercises you like or don’t mind doing and next time you see a commercial, start your routine. Also try setting a goal for yourself, such as 50 squats per day. You can break this up into ten reps.

Why this works:

If you break your exercise up into smaller sections throughout the day, it doesn’t seem like such a chore. You can do ten reps throughout the day and do more than you would be doing it all together. Find some easy exercises you can start with and build on it. If you plan it out, you will be more likely to take action. Pay attention to how your body feels after exercising the next few days. 

Secret #4: Learn to Love Yourself

Perhaps you have been feeling down about yourself after becoming a mom. The long days and sleepless nights are leaving you with a negative self-image. 

It is time for some self-love, mama!

Call to Action: Write down something you love about yourself every day. Finds some mantras that will give you a positive outlook and tape them to your mirror or put them by your bed so you can read them when you get up in the morning. Tell yourself you are a good mom every day. 

Woman sitting at computer with desk

Why this works:

Finding things you like about yourself, reinforces positive feelings in the brain. If you continue to tell yourself you are good, you will start to change your belief system, especially if you have been feeling down. 

Secret #5: Learn How to Say “No”


Do you consider yourself a “yes” person? Do you find it hard to tell others “no” when they ask for your help or need you to volunteer?

You see, volunteering isn’t a bad thing here. The bad thing is you can’t say no so you are not happy about volunteering. I have found myself in these situations and I am irritated that I am doing the work. Yet, if you want to help or volunteer you should be happy about it. 

In terms of energy, if you are feeling deprived, you should consider that you may not be the best person for the job. By saying “no” you are actually helping the universe find the right person for the job so you can take care of yourself.

Another portion of the balance in saying no, is asking yourself if you continually do things for a friend, but when you need them to help you they are nowhere to be found, this is a sign you should be saying no to that person.

I have a friend that asks me to babysit a few times a year. I love helping her out because I know she would do the same for me in an instant.

Yet, I have another acquaintance that asks me to babysit but will only return the favor if she gets something out of it. I have learned I need to say “no: to the second person. As I mentioned, I am happy to help the first friend anytime. 


Call to Action: The next time someone asks you for a favor, pay attention to how this makes you feel. If you feel upset, anxious, uneasy, or resentful stop yourself and just say no! If you love that persona and helping them will increase your happiness, of course, say yes with a smile!


Why this works:

Paying attention to how situations make you feel will help you stay in tune with your emotions. If you are feeling pressured or overwhelmed, take a minute and think how saying yes, will affect you. If you feel anger, resentment, or pressured, just say no or I will think about it and leave it at that. 


5 Secrets to Better Self-Care for Moms, Final Thoughts…

Use these five secrets to help you with your self-care routine. Use self-care that works for you and you can find time for emotional and physical self-care. Learn to love yourself more and say no when you need to. You are a hero and you’ve got this “mom thing.” Never doubt yourself and be positive every day. Love yourself and mama, take care!